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Different Sudoku Flavours

Note: I will show these variations on empty Sudoku grids.

Classical: 9x9

The classical Sudokus is a 9x9 grid with 3x3 sub grids ("blocks"):

An empty 9x9 sudoku grid
An empty "classical" 9x9 Sudoku Grid.

Asymmetric: 12x12

Sudokus don't need to be symmetric, and the number of columns and rows doesn't nessecarily has to be a square number.

An example is a 12x12 Sudoku, that consists of 3x4 4x3 blocks:

An empty 12x12 sudoku
			grid that consists of 3x4 sized blocks
An empty 12x12 Sudoku grid.

You can downlaod 12x12 Sudokus.

The same exists in double size, consisting of 4x6 sized blocks.


Bigger Sudokus

The most common variations are just bigger Sudokus. Common sizes are 16x16, 25x25 and even 36x36.

When creating 25x25 Sudokus it is common practice to use letters instead of numbers and to call them "Alphadoku".

You can get bigger Sudokus at

An empty 16x16 Sudoku
			grid that consists of 4x4 sized blocks
An empty 16x16 Sudoku grid.

Smaller Sudokus


You don't have the time to solve a 9x9 Sudoku? Maybe it's enough for a 4x4 Sudoku:

An empty 4x4 Sudoku
			grid that consists of 2 sized blocks
An empty 4x4 Sudoku grid.

Is it still to big? It's luck that there is a variation called "Binary Sudoku":

An empty binary Sudoku grid
An empty binary Sudoku grid.

What a pity it only has two possible solutions ;-).


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